We are Termik, a family company founded in December 2004. We are engaged in the production of silicone rubber products with a wide range of applications in the automotive and aviation industries, medicine, and the food industry, including silicone hoses, sleeves, gaskets, and fishing equipment. Our production is done on demand, tailored to measurements, preferences, and samples. Depending on your requirements, we offer all types of silicone processing - extrusion, injection molding, and compression molding.

Thanks to the quality and wide range of products, we have gained numerous satisfied clients, and their numbers continue to grow.

Our mission

Our main mission is to pay attention to details, prioritize quality, and thus fulfill the desires of our clients.


Attention to detail plays a crucial role in production. Different applications require varying tolerances and specific performance from extruded silicone profiles.


We guarantee that the products we deliver are always accurate and appropriate in terms of hardness, color, temperature resistance, stability of precise dimensions, and properly selected ingredients that compose the silicone profiles.

Custom manufacturing

Custom production of silicone products based on your preferences and requirements, according to the dimensions and colors you specify.